Versatile developer and writer. I like to architect and code systems that are modern, well-tested and well-communicated. Current interests: Jamstack, deep learning

Morden, Surrey (0)7496 268 316

Top skills

JS (React, Node, Redux, Next), Android (Kotlin/Java), iOS (Swift), C#/Unity/ARKit, LAMP, Python, MySQL and taxonomic databases, solutions architecture, technical writing

Selected past work

Freelance augmented reality developer (2021, Wülfrath, Germany)

Germany’s largest bird reference app, Vogelwelt, needed an an AR graphics feature for sliding scientifically-accurate 3D models of birds around real space. Researching the best options for the client’s needs, I combined the Unity game platform + the Vuforia engine for supporting older phones + C# + Android NDK integration. Touch gestures, photo roll integration and ensuring that SLAM identified high-quality surfaces.

Android engineer, (2018 - 2020, London)

Maintained/modernised a suite of Android nature software. Was responsible for updates to the Collins Bird Guide, among the Play Store’s top paid apps. Worked with granular search tools, maps, videos and facts served in 28 languages, and a complex and shifting taxonomic database. Rewrote a quarter of the legacy code in Kotlin MVMM and improved search engine performance. Also built Birds of the Middle East, the first Arabic-language bird field guide and the BirdGuides social media app for sharing GPS-based sightings across the UK.

Other freelance work (2011 - current, San Francisco and London)

Book author and journalist (2001 - present)

After being featured on the front page of the -New York Times-, wrote the book Bad Moon Rising. Co-wrote the nonfiction book Kearny’s Dragoons Out West with my father. My byline has appeared in the Guardian, the New York Observer and other publications.


UC Berkeley, master’s in journalism, 2001. University of California, Davis, Bachelor’s in English and history, 1998.

Volunteer work

Friends of the Elderly, 2012 - 2014 (San Francisco).